C# - Get the text inside tags using HTML Agility Pack


I have used the following code to parse HTML document & store it as CSV file.

string actuald=null;
string data1 = File.ReadAllText("E://text.html");
HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlDocument();
HtmlNodeCollection col = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//pre");

foreach (HtmlNode node in col)
Console.WriteLine("Data Converted");

in the html document, the content i need to extract lies between < pre > < /pre > . the content of my file looks like

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>NCEDC_Search_Results</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>Your search parameters are:<ul>
Date       Time             Lat       Lon  Depth   Mag Magt  Nst Gap  Clo  RMS  SRC   Event ID
1973/01/01 06:59:19.23  36.8037 -121.5087   5.65  3.60   Md   28  35    6 0.09 NCSN    1013957 
1973/01/01 07:57:39.65  37.0925 -121.5055   9.19  3.10   ML   45  90    5 0.07 NCSN    1013959 

but in the html doc I have no class specified under any of the html tags? What content should I give in the attributes[""]?

Accepted Answer

To get text inside a node:

actuald = node.InnerText;

To get text including the HTML tags

actuald = node.InnerHtml;

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