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I get the value from ChildNode.InnerHtml as

20th Aug 2013<br>Ojas Systems <br> Pune <br> Software

How to split the values from generated InnerHtml by HtmlAgilty. I tried converting InnerHtml to string, but it throws an error

No overload for method 'Write' takes 0 arguments

may be because of unclosed html tags but then what could be the solution Below is the returned InnerHtml

<a href="http://jobs.monsterindia.com/details/13826093.html?sig=js-1- 4f08ba3c3102de443076cfb01e15745e-1&from=" target="_blank" id="link13826093">.Net java </a>, 20th Aug 2013<br>Ojas Systems Private Limited<br> Pune, 0-0 years: Looking for freshers who is trained in .Net Java.The location will be Pune.Preferably passed in 2012-2013. <br><a href="javascript:findSimilar(13826093)">Similar Jobs</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://jobsearch.monsterindia.com/searchresult.html?cid=117314;lan=1">All Jobs by this Recruiter</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:openSocialTwist({EXP:'Experience - 0 to 0 years',LINK:'http://jobs.monsterindia.com/details/13826093.html',COMP:'Company Name - Ojas Systems Private Limited',LOC:'Location - Pune',ROLE:'',KWD:'Key skills - .net java',TTL:'Job Title - .Net java '})">Share this job</a>
9/20/2013 5:41:52 AM

Popular Answer

Taken form Here worked for me

string str = "hai<br/>how<br/>Are<br/>you";

            string[] delim = { "<br/>" };

            string[] spltd = str.Split(delim, StringSplitOptions.None);
4/2/2016 3:48:14 PM

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