How to authenticate permanently using Restsharp

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I am developing an application that pulls data from web and parses it using HtmlAgilityPack. However, its not that straight-forward, login is required to access the data.

I am using Restsharp to authenticate like this:

        //class definitions 
        request = new RestRequest("", Method.POST);
        request.AddParameter("utf8", "%E2%9C%93");
        request.AddParameter("authenticity_token", "Lr+JtLv7TkZrS73u5scRPbWhuUYDaVF7vd6lkKFF3FKYqNKHircT9v5WCT9EkneTJRsKXaA6nf6fiWopDB0INw==");
        request.AddParameter("referer", url);  // url to the page I want to go
        request.AddParameter("user[name]", "username");
        request.AddParameter("user[password]", "password");
        request.AddParameter("commit", "Log in");
        request.AddHeader("content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
        response = client.Execute(request);

This works perfectly but the problem is that I can't Login permanently, i can't make another request using this instance of RestRequest class, it gives the error that I am not logged in. I have found a work-around but it doesn't work with some pages, basically I put the url into the referer field but I have to make request every time I navigate to another page and this is inconvenient.

How do I login permanently, so I can make new request from the same instance?

Thank you!

7/27/2015 2:37:57 AM

Popular Answer

After some research, I found that the answer is cookies. Each time a request is made, the response has cookies. I used the cookies like this.

After response = client.Execute(request)I added this:

        request.Resource = url;
        request.Method = Method.GET;
        foreach (var cookie in response.Cookies)
            request.AddCookie(cookie.Name , cookie.Value);  //this adds every cookie in the previous response.
        response = client.Execute(request);
       //use the response as required

This doesn't create a new instance but uses the same request to make further requests and I am logged in through it all.

Thank you everyone for your help!

7/27/2015 4:22:48 AM

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