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I have been trying to use the HTML Agility Pack to parse HTML into valid XHTML to go into a larger XML file. This for the most part works however lists become formatted like:


As oppose to what I would expect:


Unfortunately this format with nested li tags doesn't pass the schema validation which I have no control over. Does anyone know a simple way to correct this either through the HTML Agility Pack or an alternative. Preferably in .NET.

7/6/2010 2:04:45 AM

Accepted Answer

I found an alternative to the agility pack called HTML Tidy I actually used the .NET port called Tidy.NET this seemed to fix my issue.

8/30/2010 2:30:48 PM

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I found your questio on other sites as well. The HTML you are trying to parse is:

<LI>NVQ Level 3 in Fabrication and Welding Engineering
<LI>Level 3 Certificate in Engineering
<LI>Level&nbsp;2 Key Skill in Application of Number
<LI>Level&nbsp;2 Key Skill in Communication
<LI>Level&nbsp;2 Key Skill in Information Technology
<LI>Level 2 Key Skill in Working with Others
<LI>Level 2 Key Skill in Improving Own Learning &amp; Performance</LI></UL>

What I notice is that the first <li> is parent to the other <li>'s. One aproach I would take at this is to take the first <li> and the text (it's a TextNode for HAP), save the other <li> children and remove the children, inserting them (while formating them) after the parent node.
You might have to take the recursive way at this. Here is a peek at my solutuion for a HTML Sanitizer class: HTML Agility Pack strip tags NOT IN whitelist

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