How can I take a remote screenshot of a website from a url?

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I thus have a program that:

  1. Take n links from the SQL database.

  2. fresh threads are made for each link.

  3. Obtain the website's HTML code using the HTML-Agility-Pack for each thread.

  4. stores its information (picture sizes, page sizes, word counts, etc.) to SQL and dates the operation.

In order to verify a website's data for any changes (such as a mistake or an issue with previously uploaded photos), I want to add a screenshot or thumbnail for each page. How can I screenshot the whole page while a discussion is open?

10/23/2017 8:40:31 AM

Popular Answer

App seems to be fascinating. Since the complete URL is already rendered in HTML, I'm going to presume that the program is running on a computer or server with internet access.

There are three options for doing this (many more actually).

  1. Make a System in the thread. Windows. Forms. Object form, Add a web browser control (Dock = Fill) to the list of child controls. Make the browser go to the specified URL. After all of the navigation is finished, get a snapshot of the WinForms Dialog.
  2. Launch Chrome or Internet Explorer while supplying the URL as a command line input. Hold on for a while on the thread (there isnt a good way to know when rendering finishes). Please take a screenshot.
  3. Use compliant library of the selenium kind to automate web user interface testing before moving on to Step #2 in the thread. This method will provide you more precise control over the web browser.
10/23/2017 9:01:22 AM

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