Purchase HAP Prime

  • Html Agility Pack
  • No need to add liscense
  • Support Prime by e-mail
  • Html Agility Pack
  • No need to add liscense
  • Support Prime by e-mail


Which payment alternative methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal (guest payment with Credit Card available), Cheque and Wire Transfer.

Please contact us for more information.

Email: sales@zzzprojects.com

Do you accept resellers?

Yes contact us if you are a reseller or seeking for a reseller.

Email: sales@zzzprojects.com

What 2-4 developer seats mean?

It mean that you can use the license with up to 4 developers inside your team.

The 5-9 developer seats mean you can use the license with up 9 developers.

You only pay for developer seats. You can use our library with an unlimited amount of applications, environments, servers, and client machines.

I need more than 19 seats, what can I do?

Please contact us with the number of seats required. We offer some additional discounts or enterprise licenses.

Email: sales@zzzprojects.com

Is the license perpetual?

The product comes with one year of support & upgrades but the license is perpetual (indefinitely useable). So you are not obligated to renew every year or renew at all.

Renewing comes with a lot of benefits such as a 25%/35%/50% discount on purchased price, discounted or free products, etc.

Why isn't this library free and open source?

ZZZ Projects mission is focused on adding value to the .NET Community and supporting a lot of free and open source libraries.

However, this mission cannot be successful without being able to pay our developers for the time they pass to support & develop features for free and paid libraries.

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